Our Pest Protection Plans protect your property from Cleveland's most common pests and rodents all year long.

We provide service every 4 months, we will notify you before each service.

Why is Year-round Pest Control your best Option?

Pests simply don't flee during the cooler months. In fact, it's during colder times of the year that pests seek the shelter and food. While pests are great outdoors they can cause significant structural damage to your home and pose health threats to your family and pets.

For $1.30 day, we'll provide annual Pest Protection. If an issue occurs, we'll come back to your home in between any of the three scheduled services. Whether you experience reoccurring issues or a new one develops like wasps building a nest under your eaves, just call and we'll come back at no charge.

  • Pest Protection PRO

    Includes 40 of the most common pests found in North Eastern Ohio. This plan also includes rodent control.

    Starting at $40/month!

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  • Pest Protection PLUS+

    Includes everything in Pest Protection PRO and Mosquitoes Ticks.

    Starting at $60/month!

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  • Pest Protection PREMIUM

    Our most Comprehensive Protection Plan. This plane includes everything in Pest Protection Plus but with Bed Bugs

    Starting at $80/month!

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