Bed Bugs can be the worse pest of all. We are Bed Bug Specialist. Bed Bug extermination requires a high level of detail to perform adequate treatment.  We use our famous S3 approach. Our customary 3 step method eliminates these pests from your sleeping areas. So you can rest with a peace of mind.




We use are variety of products to properly disinfect and sanitize the infested areas. This step will eliminate any live activity while simultaneously disinfecting the surface. This is a critical step in the extermination process. It is also great for delicate areas where insecticides are not permitted. 


We will use our superheated steam disinfecting system. Heat has been proven to kill bed bugs, eggs, and even live bed bugs upon contact. The bed bugs in your home will encounter over 300F of direct heat. This natural method will kill anything that it encounters. This safe and effective method will rid your mattress of bed bugs


We use the most effective environmentally friendly solutions to treat these pests. This multiple surface insecticide is used in cracks, crevices, and anywhere bed bugs like to hide. The residual impact will last for months, ultimately giving you peace of mind when you sleep.




Finally, we seal your mattress with the most comfortable mattress covers. These will remain sealed for 18 months to prevent any new occurrences.


Bed Bug Prevention Tips

To keep bed bugs out of your home, carefully inspect the things you are bringing inside. Always wash and dry all clothing after taking a trip and clean out the suitcases you brought before storing them away. Think twice before purchasing used furniture, mattresses, or rugs for your home; if you buy used items, make sure to thoroughly clean them before bringing them inside. In addition, it is essential to do the following things to help reduce the chances of bed bugs taking over your Ohio home:

  • Keep your belongings up off the floor and away from other people's things when in public spaces.
  • Regularly vacuum your home. 
  • Routinely wash bedding and inspect mattresses for bed bugs
  • Place bed bug-proof covers over mattresses and box springs in your home.



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